Музыка из игры Gran Turismo 2


Обложка сайндтрека Gran Turismo 2

01. Moon Over The Castle [prologue]

02. Moon Over The Castle

03. Never Let Me Down

04. From The East [vocal Version]

05. Call Of The Wild

06. Blade

07. Blowing Away

08. Welcome Back, G.T.

09. Get Ready

10. Get Into It

11. You Made It!

12. Blue Line [piano Version]

Музыка, которая была написана в титрах PAL версии GRAN TURISMO 2, SCES-02380:

Death Trip (Instrumental)

Recording by Ash © Infectious Records (UK) Ltd. (Wheeler / Hamilton) Universal / Island Music Limited

My Favourite Game

Performed by The Cardigans courtesy of Polydor UK Ltd, licensed by kind permission from the Film and TV Licensing Division, part of the Universal Music Group. (Svensson / Persson) Universal / Stockholm Songs

Blame (Grooverider Jeep Mix)

ISRC: GB-CYF-99-00029. Written by Ben Watt & Tracey Thorn. Published by Sony / ATV Music Publishing Ltd. Produced by Ben Watt. Additional production by J Majik & Danny Jay for Infrared Productions. Remix & additional production by Grooverider for RUN Productions, courtesy of Prototype Recordings. (P) 1999 Everything But The Girl exclusively licensed to Virgin Records Ltd. Licensed courtesy of Virgin Records Ltd

Illing in Heaven

Recording by Fatboy Slim © Skint Records. Written and Produced by Fatboy Slim. Produced by Simon Thorton. Published by Polygram Music Publishing Limited (P) Skint Records 1999. Courtesy of Skint Records (www.skint.net)/SINE. (Cook) Universal Music Publishing Limited

Take it Easy Chicken (Instrumental)

Recording by Mansun (P)1996 Licensed Courtesy of EMI Records Ltd. (Draper) Universal Music Publishing Limited

Big Dog

Recording by Propellerheads Musical Compositions by Alex Gifford. Published by Chrysalis Music Limited

The Bartender & The Thief (Instrumental)

Recording by Sterephonics © V2 Records Licensed courtesy of V2 Music Limited from the album "Performance and Cocktail" (Cable / Jones / Jones) Univesal Music Publishing Limited

Fatboy Slims song Illing in Heaven (1999) included on GRAN TURISMO 2 was a special rock version of his homonymous song released only on the clean version of You ve Come A Long Way Baby. Illing in Heaven (1998) is the clean version of Fucking in Heaven. Fucking in Heaven (1998) was released on the normal version of You ve Come A Long Way Baby. The version featured on the game was not released in any other media.
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